Sunday, November 16, 2008

Check out My Ass in the new volume of Beasts!

I am very honored to be a part of volume 2 of Beasts!, curated and edited by Jacob Covey and published by Fantagraphics. You can pre-order copies now on the Fantagraphics site. I'll tell you right now that it's worth the money and will make a brilliant christmas gift.

As someone who fell in love with drawing by meticulously studying a worn copy of the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual, I can say that it was an awesome enough world to have a book like Beasts! exist, but to be a part of it is even better.

Above is a preview of my Beast, the Ass. I was given a very long list of cryptozoological beasts to choose from. It was a tough choice, but I opted for the Ass because 1) It has a completely bizarre description, and 2) I couldn't find any reference to it online or otherwise to constrain my creativity, and 3) It's called Ass.

Pre-order your copy today at the Fantagraphics online store.

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tomN! said...

your ass is beautiful!