Saturday, October 18, 2008

commissions for you

With the first 3 done and in the mail, I thought I'd share some of these drawings that I've finished. I hope they are enjoyed by all...

Subaru is doing well, eating and going to the bathroom and has gone through all of her antibiotics. I might take her in again to make sure she is all right. Thanks again to everyone who bought a drawing!


Thursday, October 02, 2008

$300 Kitty Bailout of 2008

In an unexpected time of crisis, Subaru, my cat, has stopped eating and peeing and needs to go to the vet. Hospitalization, blood tests, and urinalysis is going to run us about $300, and I'm running out of personal belongings to sell.

So, I'm setting aside all personal projects to raise funds for Subaru via commissioned art sale. I'm now doing frame quality top of the line drawings starting at the low price of $20. After the first 5 purchases, the price goes up to $40, until I sell 10 of these drawings, then I'm ending the sale. Just click on the button down there, and you'll be taken to my paypal, where you can order your drawing.

Drawing Specs:
8"x10" paper, signed, personalized, and numbered. Pen and brushed ink drawing in the style of this drawing, on quality Ivory Classic Crest heavy weight cover stock.

This will be a limited edition of 10 drawings commemorating the obscene amount of love I have for this cat.

UPDATE: I already hit 5 drawings! the price is now $40

UPDATE 2: WE'RE SOLD OUT! Thanks to everyone who bought a piece. Watch this space for offers like this in the future and I'll keep you updated on Subaru's health.