Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Hey folks. I wanted to drop off a few quick notes for you. Here they are.

I'm in an upcoming gallery show that starts this Saturday at The Public Trust gallery (Formerly known as the Art Prostitute Gallery), located in Dallas Texas. I love the guys at Art Prostitute: Brian and Mark. They are the nicest people ever, and have always been supportive of my work, featuring me in their magazine alongside the likes of Kozyndan.

You may have noticed a video on my home page. I'm starting to experiment with video and what better way to begin my foray than ripping off Hillman Curtis? It's sort of stupid except that my cat shows up a few seconds in and I just had to share it.

I got 4 pieces into the upcoming American Illustrator 26
annual. This is something I've been trying to accomplish for a few years now and it's a pretty big personal accomplishment. I don't know what this all means but I'm pretty stoked.

Lastly, I haven't really been actively creating new work in these recent months because my mother is very ill. I don't know what's going to happen in the next few days, months, year, but I have been physically and emotionally exhausted. Unfortunately too exhausted to make blog posts. Not sure when the next post will come, but know I'm thinking of you!

The Public Trust
Art Prostitute
American Illustrator