Wednesday, November 07, 2007

RGB Guitars


A year or two ago, I painted this guitar for my friend Ryan. I'll be doing another one soon, hopefully it will be even better than this one. I remember at the time when I was painting it, I was really infatuated with cherry blossoms. What else to say? One day I hope to play it. I am really no good at music. I think I lack the patience to learn. I've "studied" 4 musical instruments in depth and today can't remember anything. It's sort of depressing to watch other people say "oh im not really good", crack their knuckles and bust out a mean Hendrix jam. I get upset whenever I watch that scene in Back to the Future where Marty lays down those heavy riffs at the prom and the simple 50's teenagers are blown away by the futuristic music. I wish I could do that.. Come to think of it, I see the same expressions on peoples faces when they see me play, so maybe I actually am just being humble here...

Link: RGB Guitars