Sunday, November 16, 2008

Check out My Ass in the new volume of Beasts!

I am very honored to be a part of volume 2 of Beasts!, curated and edited by Jacob Covey and published by Fantagraphics. You can pre-order copies now on the Fantagraphics site. I'll tell you right now that it's worth the money and will make a brilliant christmas gift.

As someone who fell in love with drawing by meticulously studying a worn copy of the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual, I can say that it was an awesome enough world to have a book like Beasts! exist, but to be a part of it is even better.

Above is a preview of my Beast, the Ass. I was given a very long list of cryptozoological beasts to choose from. It was a tough choice, but I opted for the Ass because 1) It has a completely bizarre description, and 2) I couldn't find any reference to it online or otherwise to constrain my creativity, and 3) It's called Ass.

Pre-order your copy today at the Fantagraphics online store.

"KNOW" Exhibition

I was lucky enough to be asked to be in this exhibition organized by the very hard-working Mark Murphy. It will be taking place near Art Basel in Miami this December. He called on many artists to submit 10"x10"x pieces. Above is my contribution. It is a portrait of my D&D character.

From Mark's blog:

"'KNOW' featured at this year's Gen Art Vanguard Fair is an exhibition comprised of many inspired artisans that represent a diverse cross section of the fine art world. All of the work has been created specifically for the "KNOW" exhibition and hopes to introduce you to emerging and known talent who have no fear when incorporating digital painting, mixed media, comics, traditional painting, rendering and photographic styles into their work."

Check out the preview page for this show on Mark Murphy's blog.